What we offer

At the Curzon school.
Please read behaviour policy at the bottom of this page.


Yr 3-4 Football
Monday brings the opportunity to develop your football skills and learn about the game, with the main focus on having fun and working together. A great club for learning to work as a team and joke around with friends whilst learning.

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Yr 3-6 Girls football club

The perfect club for the girls with an intrest in football and a desire to develop their skills. Plenty of fun games mixed in with some competitve match play!  


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Yr 5/6 Netball Club 
Despite popular opinion Netball is not just for girls, whilst at Primary School make the most of the opportunity to play this great game competitively. Curzon has a great history of always having had a fun and strong netball club/team.


Yr 5-6 Card and Board club

A different club from Growth Academies normal schedule, Card and Board club offers Yr5/6 students a chance to play their favourite games from home with their freinds in school. Some past favourites being Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon and Dungeons and Dragons. 

Yr 5-6 Football
In this club we really look at developing in game football by working on formations, tactics and general game play. Always producing some good quality, competitive and enjoyable football!